When you contact the professionals at Ken Purtell Realty to help you find your dream home, the experience is going to be new, fun and exciting. The moving process, itself, though, is typically a much less enjoyable process, which is why we have come up with a list of tips to help eliminate the headaches that can creep up on you during a move. When you put these tricks into effect, you will be prepared for the changes ahead and you may even find yourself excited about packing up and moving into your new home. If you have yet to contact Ken Purtell and you are ready to buy or sell your home, give us a call today! We are ready to give you our full, undivided attention and help make your real estate dreams a reality!

Ready to make the move!? Check out our suggestions for steps you can take to make moving a less stressful and daunting experience. Read on!

Write down everything you need to do before your move.

Making a to-do list is essential and takes a well-deserved number one position on our list of tips. Get things down on paper now so that you don’t forget them later. Keeping a running list of things you remember that you want to do or need to do before you move. Moving day can be so chaotic that if you don’t write things down, you may forget one of the important tasks you wanted to check off before you move. If you are organized enough, it’s also a good idea to prioritize your to-do list. This way, if you don’t have enough time to complete everything on the list, you will at least be able to get the things at the top of the list (most important) done, perhaps leaving the less significant tasks for you to complete after you move. Many times, when you get all of the notes in your head written down, you will notice that you have much less to do than you originally thought—things may then seem a little more manageable and easy to conquer.

Pack early and pack often.

The most common moving woe we hear about is people allowing themselves too little time to pack. If you are waiting to pack until the week before your move, you are going to feel crunched for time and incredibly stressed about your pending move. You may be looking around you home thinking, “Well, we don’t have that much to pack! We also have family and friends that are going to help, which will cut the time in half.” This logic is flawed, though, for two reasons. One, we guarantee you have much more to pack than you think you do. Are you only considering the belongings that are immediately visible and forgetting about everything that is neatly tucked away in drawers and in cabinets? Think about the stacks of jeans and sweaters piled high in your closet. What about the cabinet under your sink housing backup bottles of shampoo, lotion and toothpaste? And don’t forget about all of the dishes and other kitchenware stacked in your kitchen cabinets! The point is, take ALL of your belongings into consideration when you plan to pack, not just the things that are out on shelves and tables.

We recommend that you start packing at least a month before you move. If you can start even earlier, do it! Do you have an office full of papers and books that you rarely work in? Is one of the rooms vacant because the kiddo is off to college but left all of her knick knacks and unfolded laundry in there? Start with rooms you rarely use and slowly start putting things into boxes. Before you know it, all of those rooms will be boxed up and ready to move, giving you more time to focus on bigger rooms like the living room, kitchen or master bedroom.

We will address the second flaw to the above thinking that friends and family will cut your packing and moving time in half. Keep reading to find out why!

Label your boxes as you pack.

Labeling your boxes will save you lots of time and energy when you finally get into your new home. If you have the patience to label every box with the name of the room it belongs in and the box’s contents, you are going to thank yourself later! If, however, you want to spend as little time as possible hanging out with a punch of cardboard boxes, at least label each box with the room it belongs in. This way, when you get into your new home, you won’t have to move things twice, which is always a win! You will be able to offload the moving truck or your vehicle and immediately put each box in the appropriate room. If you fail to label your moving boxes, you will end up with a stack of boxes that you have to sort through to figure out each container’s contents. Can you imagine rummaging through the boxes you neatly packed because you need to find a frying pan or a pair of sneakers? Yeesh! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so take the necessary steps now to save yourself from headaches and stress on moving day.

Get rid of the things you forgot you owned.

That bedazzled jean jacket from 1980, when was the last time you wore it? If the answer is 1980, donate it! As you pack, you are going to find a plethora of toys, knick knacks, kitchenware and clothes that you either forgot you owned or that you never use. Either way, these things are just going to take up extra space in your boxes and require extra time of you when you are packing. Create a bag or box of donatable items to save yourself time and space when moving day rolls around. If you have higher quality items that you are looking to get rid of and hope to make a little money off of, there are many options for online marketplaces—you can even create your own virtual store to sell your more valuable items. Use the money you make to buy pizza and champagne (or sparkling cider) when you finally get into your new place! Or take the family out for dinner and a move to celebrate.

Ask your friends and family for help.

Remember when we talked about flawed thinking that occurs when it comes to asking friends and family for help? Here’s where we address why asking for help can potentially negatively affect your packing and moving plans. Often times, people ask family and friends for help and then plan their moving schedule around their help’s availability. Life happens, things pop up, schedules change and if one of your friends cancels on you, it could easily put a dent in your moving timeline. Even if you offer incentives like food and drink for those who help you move, there is still no predicting the future and what may occur between now and then. (And don’t forget that should your friends and family move in the future, you are probably going to be their first call, so be prepared to repay the favor. If you absolutely hate moving, maybe reconsider enlisting the help of friends and spend a little money hiring a moving crew.)


On a similar note, make sure you are strategically planning the day you want to move. Moving during the week and earlier in the morning is a good idea. If you live somewhere where it gets extremely hot in the middle of the day, you will easily beat the heat by moving in the morning. And moving during the week will be beneficial because banks and other government offices will be open in case you have any last minute paperwork you need to take care of. If the time of year you are moving is out of your control, at least plan ahead by checking the weekly weather forecast. Pack you travel bags accordingly so that you are prepared for whatever weather the weatherman has predicted.

Try to elevate the moving mood by making it fun!

Don’t let yourself get stressed and overwhelmed—make moving fun! Turn on your favorite jams, order a buffet of your favorite grub and turn the process into a fun celebration of new beginnings rather than a dreadful, daunting process. All it takes is a simple change of perspective, and you will be settling into your new, beautiful home before you know it. Customize a playlist of your favorite upbeat “moving music,” stock up on water and snacks, and dance it out while you carry boxes to your car or into your new living space. Do whatever it takes to lift the mood because as we all know, “time flies when you’re having fun!”

Make your bed, first, when you get into your new home.

You might be thinking, “Really? Make my bed? That’s the first thing I need to do when we get into our new space?” Yes! Absolutely! Think about it: moving is a physically and emotionally draining process. Do you really want to have to make your bed at the end of such a long day? You’re going to want to crash immediately and crawl into a fresh, pre-made bed. Pack your bedding in its own box so that you can pull it out right away. Make your bed and then start offloading. At the end of the day you will thank yourself for heeding this advice, and you will be able to enjoy a restful sleep that you totally deserve!

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