You’ve thought about it a lot, you’ve decided it’s finally the time, and now you’re ready—it’s time to buy or sell your house.

First off, that’s an exhilarating decision, and should be celebrated! You’re probably feeling the thrill of new adventures that are on their way, knowing that your living arrangements (and honestly, your life) is about to change. However, this can be the point when the reality starts to sink in a bit. After the confetti and streamers die down, we can become very aware that there’s a lot of work to be done.

This part can feel a bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Because with the right realtor, your place in the real estate game can be a strong one. Take a look at some tips from Ken Purtell Realty on what you should look for in a realtor, and contact our real estate agency today! Serving the Middlesex and Essex counties for years, we are the team you need to buy a house or sell one—call us today!


One of the top priorities to look for in a realtor involves communication, which is why we put it first. Some people might feel more comfortable entrusting everything in their realtor, handing over information tabula rasa and wanting to only be contacted when a sale has been made. However, this is a major financial transaction, and as such, is something you absolutely should be involved in throughout the process. You need to work with someone who excels in honesty and transparency, and will communicate what’s going on. By staying informed in the buying and selling process of real estate, you’ll be able to make much more informed decisions.

Ken Purtell prides himself on his communication skills with clients. Consistent communication is key, and is something our real estate agency excels in. When it comes to a major life event such as buying or selling a house, you deserve to be in the know, and we are committed to making that happen.


Of course, your realtor should absolutely be knowledgeable in their field—you should only work with someone with significant expertise! But more so than this, we mean you need to find a realtor who is highly informed on the trends of the market. The real estate game is not the place to be old-fashioned or old school; on the contrary, you need someone who is up on everything that’s happening in real estate.

At Ken Purtell Realty, we know that real estate is always changing, and our knowledge needs to keep up. You deserve to work with someone who stays current, which is why you deserve to work with Ken Purtell.


The best realtor is not simply communicative and well-informed, but they need to be reliable as well. You need to buy a house, or you need to sell your home, and either way, you need someone who can get the job done. This is where Ken Purtell Realty comes in. But don’t take our word for it—see what past clients Chelsea and Colin have said:

“Ken was absolutely wonderful throughout our entire home buying process! Being first time home buyers, we knew very little about what to expect and what questions to ask…he really went above and beyond with every aspect… The fact that he was so attentive and responsive, really made the difference for us and it’s also why we will never go to anyone else for our real estate needs. Thank you, Ken!”

Contact us today to get the real estate expertise you deserve—work with Ken Purtell.