Welcome back to our blog series on the best realtor qualities! In our last blog, we touched on some of the important things to look for in a real estate agent. Having someone who is communicative, well-informed, and reliable are all essential components for a great realtor, and are all things that you are guaranteed to find when working with Ken Purtell.

As a Top Producing realtor in Lowell and the greater Middlesex and Essex counties, you can trust that Ken will take care of your real estate needs from start to finish. Whether you’re buying a home, selling your house or both, the real estate market can seem complex. It’s important to work with the best realtor to help you navigate the market, so that you can get the best results in the process. Learn about more qualities to look for in a realtor, and contact Ken Purtell Realty today!


We touched on communication in our last blog, but to be even more direct, transparency is exactly what you need in a real estate agent. There will be successes and setbacks when you’re buying a house in the Lowell area, and as difficult as it can be to hear what’s not working, you need to stay informed on the process, just as it is. The truth can hurt, but this creates learning opportunities and the chance to improve.

You don’t want to work with a realtor who’s intent on keeping you in the dark. You need someone who is going to be honest from the start, and whose words and guidance you can trust throughout the process of selling and buying your home. Ken is known for his transparency and honesty from all of his clients, and it’s something that past clients have referenced time and again as a quality they appreciate.

Knows the Area

You might know the area you’re moving to, or you might have no idea. In either situation, it’s essential to work with a realtor who has experience and knowledge of the neighborhood and city as a whole. Just like you wouldn’t ask a law professor for advice on teaching kindergarten, you need someone who’s in their element in the local real estate market.

A realtor sees things differently and in a more well-rounded way when they know the area. The location is one of multiple factors that can determine house value, so there is a financial and market understanding that goes into this. But on an even deeper level, having an understanding of the area is extremely important to establishing a connection, to providing the guidance needed, and to adding a layer to a realtor’s overall expertise. At Ken Purtell Realty, Ken is committed to getting to know the neighborhoods and boroughs all throughout the Middlesex and Essex counties. This is part of why Ken and his clients have experienced so much success when it comes to buying and selling houses—the knowledge of the area contributes to the real estate market game as a whole.


Would you rather work with someone who is committed to their job and helping you, or someone who doesn’t seem to have your interests at heart? Of course, working with a realtor who is dedicated to the job is important, but it goes beyond that. A real estate agent shouldn’t just be thinking about their personal success, but consider themselves successful when their clients are. You can tell when someone is compassionate about those that they work with, and that is where true dedication shows itself.

Working with Ken Purtell Realty is the embodiment of dedication, and previous clients would be the first to say the same. As Arline M summed it up so well, “I cannot believe the over and above dedication I received from Ken Purtell.”

If there’s something that everyone should experience when they’re in the real estate market, it’s getting to work with an incredible realtor. Selling a house or buying a new home can be a lot to manage, and frankly, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. At least, that’s what we believe at Ken Purtell Realty. We lessen the challenges that you might face, but are committed to keeping you informed all along the way. Work with Ken Purtell Realty to make the real estate process an exciting one.


If there’s one more thing that’s essential for people to seek in a real estate agent, it’s how that agent is perceived by others. Just like we look for an auto body shop through our friends, or find the best hair salon after chatting with a coworker, you want a real estate agent who is highly recommended by many, if not all, who work with them. Whether you’re new to the Middlesex and Essex area or are very familiar, we feel confident that our testimonials speak for themselves. Read reviews about what working with Ken Purtell Realty is like, and contact us today to get started.