The cold temperatures are picking up, the festive lights are starting to glimmer, which means it practically goes without saying that the holidays are upon us. There are so many wonderful things about the season, especially in the form of watching the year wind down, and spending those last moments of the year with family and friends. Holidays can be a time for reflection, and can bring many people to start thinking about the things they want to see happen in the new year.

Resolutions can be difficult to maintain and achieve, but Ken Purtell Realty is here to help. When it comes to making your real estate resolutions happen, we can guide you along the way. See how to make your real estate resolutions and home buying goals a reality, and get started with our team today!

Form and finalize the idea.

Your real estate resolution might be selling your house or buying a new home, and either way, the first step is to turn your ideas into something a little more tangible. These real estate thoughts have likely been in the back of your mind for some time, and now’s the time to start hashing everything out. Where do you see yourself living? What do you want in a home? What can you likely afford?

Start writing, discussing, and working out the details to make your real estate goal more reasonable. It’s completely OK to not have all the answers right now—such as figuring out every single logistic or budget item—but begin formulating the outline of a goal. Try phrasing it like:

This year, my/our real estate goal is to ______________________.

Begin thinking of a timeline.

When used incorrectly, a timeline can actually be rather detrimental to your goals and resolutions. Oftentimes, timelines are framed in a way that can be limiting, and they’re also frequently forged with an “all-or-nothing” mentality. Having the right timeline for your real estate resolutions doesn’t mean “By this date, I’m going to have a home bought.” Resolutions should be flexible, and more often than not, patience and focusing on the long game are going to help you be more successful.

There are a number of things to add to your timeline that can be easily accomplished when assigned to a deadline. Here are just a few items to look into:

  • Speaking to a bank about getting a mortgage
  • Reviewing your finances and credit portfolio
  • Calling and getting set up with a real estate agent

Whether looking to buy a home on your own or looking to buy with a partner, write down and discuss these goals. It doesn’t hurt to put them on a calendar, either. Phrase and narrow your goal by saying:

By __(date)___, I’m going to __________________.

In our next blog, we’ll continue looking into the processes of making your real estate resolutions become a reality. Stay tuned, and in the meantime, knock off one of those timeline items today by calling Ken Purtell Realty! Helping people buy and sell houses in the Lowell area for years, you can get the attention and guidance you need to make your real estate goals come through.