blog-increase-home-value-5a1f22ad5161dSelling a home can be a stressful process. There is the emotional investment in the home you are selling, the moving out process, the moving in process, and a host of other trials. Some people are worried about getting the price on the house it should warrant. There are ways to increase the value of a home, although some require more work than others. Here, we have listed some tips for increasing a home’s value. After accounting for these factors, you will be ready for our Lowell home valuation.


Landscaping your yard can be a relatively easy way to increase your home’s value. It does not necessarily have to be extravagantly done, but it does need to be well maintained throughout the valuation and selling process. Your yard is the first thing that prospective home buyers will get to see. The great part is the average handy and home savvy owner can complete this task on their own.

Minor Repairs

Nobody wants to buy a house when there is already a checklist of tasks waiting for them to trudge through. They want to enjoy their new home. Before you get a home valuation, fix any minor repairs to your home. Start with all the broken functional utilities, and then move on to any aesthetic damage. Not only will this increase the value of your home, but you will get to enjoy it at its best before you move on.


Painting your home inside and out is a great way to increase its worth without spending too much relative time or effort. It will give your home a brand new look. However, remember that most buyers prefer neutral colors, so don’t go crazy with personal preference on the color scheme. You can even make it a family activity, just make sure all the work is done to perfection!


Everybody has stuff that they love, and everybody needs a place to put it. Easy additions like cabinets, shelves, closet spaces, etc. can increase a home’s appeal. It is a great way to combine utility and aesthetics if you do it right. And, it is a great way to easily and tidily store some of your own items when your home goes up on the market.

Energy Efficiency

Nobody likes to pay a fortune in energy bills. On top of that, more and more people are cutting down their energy usage for environmental reasons. One way to lure in prospective buyers is by investing in energy efficient living. That can range from switching out your appliances to an overhaul of your energy system.


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