You may have been thinking about it for awhile. It’s a dream that might have existed since childhood. And yet, a lingering question might still be on your mind—are you ready to buy a house?

On the checklist of all things that are adulthood aspirations, buying a home is definitely on the list. This is the sign that your days of rentals are done, the times of terrible (and hopefully, also terrific) roommates have finally come to an end, and that you are ready to be established in one place—and one that you can call your own. There are many indicators that can show you if you are ready to buy a house, and Ken Purtell Realty is the perfect place to get started. Take a look at our list of ways you know you’re ready for a house, and contact our realtor today!

You’re in a location that you love.

If you have been living and renting in a city or town for awhile now, this is of course a good reason to invest in real estate. Especially in cities where the prices for buying a house only seem to skyrocket, it can be highly beneficial to buy a house now, instead of waiting a few years and paying tens of thousands more. Not to mention, owning a house in a rapidly growing city is such an excellent way to add a financial investment to your portfolio—when you eventually sell, you have a significant opportunity to make money as real estate rates continue to climb.

Yet when we talk location, we also mean so much more than just the physical space. You might finally be in a place in your life where things are seeming to come together. You love your job, you love the location, you have a great group of friends or family nearby—all of these are great reasons to settle into a house while continuing to grow the life you already love.

You’re in a location you don’t love.

Did you love the city you went to college in? Are you currently renting in a big city but dream of owning property in the beautiful and nearby countryside? Many of us have lived in places that weren’t our favorite, and know the feeling of wanting to be elsewhere. While some people are satisfied pretty much wherever their address might be, always trust your instincts and your intuition when it comes to where you want to live. Look for opportunities to relocate to a place that is more suited to your style.

The challenges that come with moving somewhere new are nothing to laugh at, but the potential for happiness and loving where you live can be so worth it. Ken Purtell can help you find the house you’re looking for in the beautiful Middlesex and Essex counties, bringing you one step closer to finding your perfect Massachusetts home.

You’re tired of the rental game.

Let’s be honest, renting gets old after awhile. Knowing that you are spending thousands of dollars each year on a property that gives you zero ROI is mildly depressing at best. There can definitely be advantages to having a landlord, but knowing that your humble abode is not actually your own instills the notion that this place is temporary. Besides, anyone who has had their fair share of roommate horror stories knows how nice it can be to have your own place (though this can be true even with a great roommate history).

Leave the rental days behind, and work towards making an investment in your future! Do everything you can to get a place to call your own, and work with the best realtor out there to help you make this goal a reality.

Your family is growing.

Maybe that studio apartment was fine for you and your cat, but now you’ve got a dog. Or a relationship. Or a baby on the way, or a family member who needs to stay with you awhile. No matter the reason, buying a house can be a very good measure to take if your current residence is too small.

Buying houses are ultimately a sign of growth and achievement, and if the people in your life (and in your home) are growing as well, you will need a space to match. You could try to exist in that 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom with you and your partner for the rest of your days, but if you think things are going to someday feel crowded, they eventually will. Jump into the housing market sooner rather than later!

You’re financially ready.

Being financially ready doesn’t mean you have a duffel full of hundreds, ready to turn in (but if so, good for you). Rather, it means that you are in a place where your credit score is good, you can pay off a mortgage and other bills in a timely manner, and you’re able to pay for any other issues that might arise. For example, if you’re at a place where unexpected car repairs don’t cause you to stress out and wonder if your diet will consist of Ramen for the next month, you’re getting to a much more financially secure place, and bigger investments might be on your horizon.

There are any number of reasons that might resonate with you when it comes to buying a house, but one fact that rings truer than all is that Ken Purtell is ready to help you get exactly what you’re looking for. Serving the Middlesex and Essex counties, Ken is a realtor committed to providing expert service and guidance in the real estate market. Call today to get started!